The teachers and staff have the wonderful ability to recognize each student's unique potential. Combine that with the bucolic setting and Lucy School is the perfect fit for our children.

Michelle - Mom of 3 Lucy Students

We as parents are very happy with the high quality of education they receive while actually enjoying their time at school. The teachers are friendly, buildings are lovely, and the standards are high. Such a unique and inspiring school. So happy my children have this opportunity to create, learn, and play at Lucy School.

Danielle - Mom of 3 Lucy Students

My family started on Lucy School's very first day, and both my boys have carried the attitude they learned there with them ever since: learning is the ultimate adventure story, filled with drama, self-expression, surprise and wonder.

I've said it a thousand times and I'm sure to say it a thousand more: Lucy School is THE MOST PERFECT SCHOOL I have ever known. Students regularly come in contact with exceptional artists and educators and very innovative projects and techniques. The dual focus on (1) the arts as a profoundly powerful instrument of learning and (2) appreciation of and stewardship for the earth create a dynamic learning environment that is catalytic. We are forever grateful for our Lucy School days and wish every child could grow and learn in this exceptional school.

Teresa - Mom of College & High School Lucy Alumni

One academic experience I've found meaningful was going to Lucy School. The experience I've had at Lucy school has changed me personally and changed my outlook on the future. When I was at a public school I was constantly bullied and put down, often making me feel lonely, depressed, or anxious. Since moving to Lucy School I've had closer friendships than ever and better relationships with my teachers. I've also been a lot more engaged in school overall. I have gotten better grades than ever before, came home and told my family all about what I was learning, and wake up excited for school.

- A Lucy School Middle School Student as written in her high school application

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9117 Frostown Road
Middletown, MD 21769

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