Lucy School Little Lucy

This class is for children 10-30 months old and is appropriate for families who have taken the class before as well as new families!

This is an eight-week parent-child class that fosters creativity and self-expression through music and signing (American Sign Language). Singing, signing and a range of program activities aim to increase children's sensory awareness, motor development, and language skills, while parents learn the innate power of music to calm or motivate children throughout the day. Participants will experience music through singing, playing simple rhythm instruments, movement, and sensory exploration. In addition to signs that accompany the songs, each week parents will be introduced to "home signs" that facilitate communication and language learning.

Have FUN with your child and meet other parents while enjoying the beautiful farm setting of Lucy School's 17-acre campus.

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Lucy School Preschool

In our preschool program, we emphasize the joy of learning through hands-on experiences within a collaborative community. Our preschoolers explore, observe, question, and collaborate during child led and teacher guided learning opportunities and projects. Literacy and math concepts are woven throughout the day during exploration, project work, guided play experiences, and interaction with the environment. The arts provide a medium for self-expression and collaboration and are integrated within our project-based approach.

Lucy School Kindergarten

Our kindergarten program uses a developmentally appropriate approach that encourages academic growth through small group work and targeted instruction, literacy and math centers, guided play experiences, and project-based work. Our program helps students develop connections between oral and written language and provides concrete experiences that lead to understanding of mathematical concepts. The kindergarten day is balanced between academic instruction, integrated arts experiences, project work and free play.

Lucy School Elementary (Grades One through Four)

Our elementary program builds on early creative experiences and secures academic foundations through explicit skill teaching, cooperative learning, and integrated arts experiences. There is a strong emphasis on creative and informative writing throughout the curriculum, daily arts blocks, project-based work with integrated science and social studies, Spanish for grades three and four, and weekly physical education. Small class size promotes a sense of community and enables teachers to individualize instructional support. Projects such as Trout in the Classroom enable students to form cross-curricular connections and nurture a love and respect for the environment.

Lucy Middle School (Grades Five through Eight)

Our middle school program provides a solid academic grounding in core subjects while forming strong connections with peers, mentors, and teachers. The arts provide a medium for self-expression and integration in core subject areas. Drawing on the traditions of the lower school, the hands-on lab science approach, targeted math instruction, and integrated humanities coursework provides a challenging academic experience for middle school students. Each stage of the middle school program encourages more self-reliance and greater independence in the classwork and fosters academic, social, and emotional development. While the 5th grade still follows a traditional Lucy School schedule with academic classes that are integrated with music, visual arts, drama, physical education, and Spanish, grades 6-8 have choices of electives to allow them the opportunity to explore areas of interest more deeply. Students in grades 6-8 continue to have core academic classes which are arts-integrated, including drama and physical education, but they are given the freedom to choose from electives such as theater arts, visual arts, music, Spanish, and American Sign Language each semester to deepen their skills and experience in these areas.

Class Sizes and Teacher-Student Ratios

Small classes contribute greatly to the success of our programs.  In preschool, our teacher:student ratio is 1:10 with a teaching assistant typically assigned to each class. Elementary and Middle School class teacher:student ratio is 1:16. Depending on the size of a class and individual student needs, teacher assistants are assigned to support language and/or math classes and to assure that each student’s potential and needs are met.  Additionally, our students benefit from a range of teaching artists and specialists that work with each class to integrate instruction in art, music, drama, dance, physical education and languages.

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