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(May 2018) For Victoria Brown, building a model arts-based school 16 years ago, was the culmination of 21 years of research, teaching and testing methodologies that most closely resemble children’s natural ways of learning. A university professor and a founding artist of the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, Brown assembled best practices and the insights of fellow artists and teachers to create a curriculum for Lucy School. Read the rest of the article here

Frederick County Science and Winners Announced

(April 2018) The Lucy School earned Frederick Community Foundation participation awards for the most students participating in this year’s fair. Read the entire article here

Internationally Renowned Playwright Collaborates with Lucy School Students
for Children's Perspective

(Oct 15, 2015) About four years ago, Suzan Zeder would go out every day and sit on a bench that overlooked the Pacific Ocean and slowly take in her surroundings. And from those moments, Zeder, an internationally renowned playwright based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, coined the idea for her latest play, “When She Had Wings.” It’s as if the idea came right out of the sky, she said.

The play premiered on Imagination Stage last month and runs until Nov. 1 at the theater in Bethesda. Zeder collaborated with students at the Lucy School in Middletown over the past three years to sculpt the idea for the play. She took feedback from children and incorporated their ideas. Read the Full Article

Lucy School Featured in HBO Documentary

(Apr 17, 2015) Environmentally-conscious students from the Lucy School in Middletown are featured in a new HBO documentary, “Saving My Tomorrow.”

The six-part film focuses on climate change and environmental health from a child’s perspective. Students from locations around the world, including the private, environmentally focused school and a school in Takoma Park, speak their minds about conserving energy, helping animals and saving the planet.

“It’s a call to action to kids, from kids, about what can be done to help the Earth,” said Amy Schatz, the documentary’s director and producer. Read the Full Article

Lucy School Expands to Include Grades Six to Eight

(Apr 8, 2015) In response to growing demand for continuing an arts integrated approach into middle school, Lucy School announced it will accept students for grades sixth through eighth.

Their recognized use of art, movement, creativity, hands on learning, and whole child teaching incorporated with Maryland content standards has fostered an environment of academic excellence.

A recent study showed that Lucy School students overwhelmingly exhibited advanced problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills. Read the Full Article

Middletown School Says Art is Integral to Education

(Feb 23, 2015) Academic standards and standardized test scores are becoming the norm in today's classrooms, but one local school is refusing to fit that mold.

The Lucy School is expanding their arts program, while many districts across the country are being forced to cut down on art, music and drama classes.

"The arts are an important component to engineering and math and science, because you can't excel in those subjects if you're not creative - if you can't think outside the box," said Dr. Victoria Brown, the founder and director of the Lucy School. Read the Full Article

Lucy School Plants Green Habits in Young Minds

(Oct 17, 2014) At the Lucy School, 3-year-olds get excited about playtime and composting.

“Every day they ask me, ‘Have the eggshells decomposed?’” said Eva Sanderson, a teacher at the school.

Environmental consciousness drives much of the curriculum and mission of the LEED platinum-certified Lucy School in Middletown.

Victoria L. Brown, a Boonsboro resident, runs the arts-based early education school with her husband, Christofer Zachariadis. It’s been five years since the school’s green improvements were completed, and their ideas are taking root with their students. Read the Full Article

Local School Gets First Platinum LEED Certification in State

(May 20, 2011) Lucy School recently became the first school in Maryland to win certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

The school's primary building got the LEED for Schools Platinum building designation from the U.S. Green Building Council for incorporating a number of green initiatives in the two-story, 7,000-square-foot structure.

The Green Building Council's platinum certification is the highest level that can be awarded for LEED -- a third-party certification program internationally accepted as the benchmark for design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings. Read the Full Article


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