Our Mission is to provide a student-centered arts-enriched program (including drama, creative movement, dance, music and visual arts) that will stimulate, nurture, and enhance the intellectual, emotional, physical, social, aesthetic and creative development of children, ages three through eighth grade.

By example, we will nurture a love and respect for community, family, nature and the environment.



Arts Integration

We integrate drama, creative movement, dance, music and visual arts to enhance learning. Research on the effects of early arts experiences shows its positive relationship to improved overall academic performance and demonstrates that when creativity is developed at an early age, its benefits are continual and transformative. Arts specialists meet with classes and work closely with classroom teachers to integrate the arts during classroom learning experiences. Students have the opportunity to work with visiting artists and engage with interactive arts experiences and performances.


This experential, hands-on approach guides students through in-depth, cross-curricular studies of real world topics. Whether it be a heated discussion between fourth graders about how to elect a leader of the fictional land of Figlandia during drama time, or a preschool student’s observation about the decomposition of a banana peel in her classroom’s compost jar, project work provides children with ample opportunity for constructive learning. Field trips and visiting experts extend classroom learning.

Strong Academic - 21st Century Learning

While we use the Maryland State Curriculum to guide our learning objectives, we teach the students in our classrooms with acceleration or remediation as needed, maximizing student potential. Our students are highly invested in their learning, and this yields high achievement and academic excellence. Critical thinking, reasoning, creative problem solving, collaboration, communication, and divergent thinking are nurtured and developed.


At Lucy School, we purposefully offer small class sizes. This affords us the opportunity to individualize instruction, and work in small and larger groups. It also gifts us with the opportunity to know our students and their families well. Teachers begin each school year building a strong classroom community through daily Morning Meetings, the development of classroom agreements, and individual and group goal setting. The school community is strengthened through cross-grade classroom buddies, shared play and learning times, school-wide Singing and Community Meetings, and special whole school learning days. We nurture our community of families through parent committees, social events, volunteer opportunities, family nights, and an active PTO.

Preschool through 8th Grade Model

Numerous research studies have linked student achievement to the Preschool-8th grade model for schools. Researchers concluded that the intimacy of the preschool-8th grade environment translated to higher academic achievement. In addition, students in preschool-8th grade schools participated in more extracurricular activities, demonstrated greater leaderships skills, and had better social skills that those students who attended traditional elementary and middle schools.



We are located on a 17-acre farm in Frederick County near Middletown, MD, only 20 minutes from both Downtown Frederick and eastern Hagerstown.

The grounds feature a pond, woods, meadows and wetlands, and garden.

Our buildings have been restored or built to reflect our values and enhance our academic program.


9117 Frostown Road
Middletown, MD 21769

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